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by yo go re

They make take our lives, but they'll never take our 11 herbs and spices!

After watching Braveheart one too many times on cable, I flipped the channel and landed on an ad for Chicken Run. That right there is my idea of divine intervention.

This started out as a plain Rocky figure from Playmates' Chicken Run line. I made the kilt from Crayola Model Magic; the sword was just an extra I had in my toolbox. The hardest part was painting the plaid and having it look correct - that is, having it follow the flow of the "material." I also painted his eyes a nice light blue, because I was told "it just didn't look like [Mel Gibson] without blue eyes."

Chickenheart stands 6" tall, including his comb, and has five points of articulation. This is overall an easy custom, and makes a fun addition to your toy shelf.


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