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Michael Jordan

NBA Sports Picks
by yo go re

He's easily the most popular athlete in the last century, and probably the most talented, too.

McFarlane's Sports Picks are perfect for customizing: since McToys already reuses the molds ad nauseum, any custom you make will blend right in.

MJ used to be Vince Carter, of the Toronto Raptors. The leaping pose was perfectly suited for Mike, even if it wasn't that iconic "Air Jordan" outline. The first Jordan I made (the one pictured here) had hand-painted logos and numbers, while later efforts used decoupage illustrations.

Michael Jordan

Since anyone can customize a Sports Pick with relatively little effort, I had to find a way to make mine stand out. To that end, I went all-out, redoing the section of floorboards that came with Vince, covering the Raptors logo and the off-center "15" with the bull and a "23."

I believe he can fly

To set my jordan apart from the dozens that would surely soon steal its design, I created custom packaging to go along with it. At a glance, there is no evidence that this is anything but an official release. I even made uniform variants for one fan, who later backed out of the deal.

nice package

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