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Beanie dolls

Disney's Haunted Mansion
by Rustin Parr

Disney has made big money on their plush dolls sold at the parks, so it was only a matter of time before they jumped onto the big, now long defunct, bandwagon of smaller sized "beanie babies." They wasted no time beanie-izing everything they could, including the Haunted Mansion.

Beanies. yeah.

The first set of Mansion beanies produced were of the three Hitchhiking Ghosts, but since they were of such poor quality, and I was younger and poorer at the time, I passed on them. Therefore, I do not have them.

isn't this just the gayest thing ever? What I do have, though, are three beanies I picked up during my last trip to Walt Disney World. They are Minnie and Mickey dressed in the castmember costumes for the ride and a second Mickey in the same suit, but with a black overcoat and top hat and a plush shovel sewn to his hand.

That undertaker Mickey is just lame and bizarre, but the other two are actually kind of cool because I do like the cast member costumes for the Mansion, so it's neat to have those purchasable... in a way.

I take it back - THIS is the gayest thing ever But, ultimately, you know what? These are just plush dolls with a handful of fake beans in their torsos. What can I really say - "they rock my world!" or something? Hell no, they're just stupid little dolls that I bought cause I'm a mansion freak and will buy just about anything Mansion related (if I have the money)!

I can't review these, it's just too ridiculous, I have to draw the line somewhere - my journalistic integrity must prevail! No longer can you rely on my descriptions, you must make up your own minds - let the pictures speak for themselves!!!!

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