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Figuretoon Quickies

"William 'T. is for Transporter Access' Riker"

Yes, yes, we know we declared a moratorium on Rikertoons after the last one, but we couldn't pass it up with the new Star Trek coming out this week.

Imagine the blue chick's voice sounding like that little eyeball that pops out of Jabba the Hutt's front door. "E chu ta." Bonus points if you can decipher what she's actually saying. (Yes, it's English, just a crazy font.)

Vision-Impaired Transcript

O'Brien: Sir, Starfleet's asked us to check out some interdimensional energy they're worried might be an attack from the... mirror... universe.
Alien Girl: [unintelligible alienese]
O'Brien: I'll uh... I'll go tell them not to worry then, shall I? ...Right.

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