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Guy Gardner: Warrior

DC Comics
by yo go re

He grows weapons from his arms. How cool is that?

Chosen worthy as a replacement Green Lantern, Guy Gardner lost the job only because he was further away. He eventually got his chance to shine, though, until Hal Jordan reclaimed the position. Guy tried several different replacement power sources before finding the Warrior Waters which unlocked his Vuldarian ancestry and gave him the powers of the Warrior.

I always figured that Guy was the only non-GL character who made any sense as one of those Total Justice figures: with all the snap-on armor and weapons, it would have really captured his powers well. However, the line folded before it even really had a chance, so no luck. Not one to be daunted by such matters, I started looking for a way to create my own Warrior. Guy was originally a TJ Black Lightning figure, and his head came from one of those really bad GI Joe figures that was out a few years ago. All his armor and weaponry are made from clay and spare parts I had in my toolbox.

He stands about 5" tall, and comes with a whole bunch of accessories, including the spiked fist, shield, and back armor seen when you move your mouse over the picture below.

Guy Gardiner

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