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Professor Zoom

DC Comics
by yo go re

Evila nam tsetsaf eht s'eh. He's the Reverse Flash.

Obsessed with Barry Allen, Eobard Thwane paid a hefty sum to gain superspeed. He then travelled to the past and attempted repeatedly to kill his idol.

ToyFare offered an exclusive repaint of the Total Justice Flash figure, but I wasn't very impressed - after all, it was just the exact same figure. So I created my own Professor Zoom using the legs from the Flash, torso from Green Lantern, arms from Superman, and the head of the second Flash figure, which came in a two-pack with Blue Beetle. The wings on his boots are made from twist-ties, and the patterns on his costume are based on Barry Allen's, not Wally West's.

Zoom is 5" tall, and has four points of articulation.

Professor Zoom

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