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GI Joe Sigma 6
by yo go re

It's the whitest thing involved with ninjas since Vanilla Ice rapped with the TMNT.

Part of the same ninja clan as Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes, Kamakura is the son of a former Crimson Guardsman who went straight.

Kamakura joined the GIJoe team when they reformed, and has been one of the biggest successes of the relaunched series. Since the series is progressing (more or less) in real time, he seems to be the ready-made successor to Snake-Eyes.

The Sigma 6 Kamakura is nice, but he wore green in the comics, not yellow. That's an easy enough change, but it's not like you could paint the cloth bits of his costume. Fortunately, the remaining yellow blends in nicely, especially when you leave the sash yellow, too. His hair wasn't quite right either, since he had red hair, not light brown, so that had to be touched up, as well.


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