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The Scarlet Rob

The Pantheon
by yo go re

To Rob!

Born to a dragon couple who believed themselves to be the last of their kind, the Scarlet Dragon was given magical shapeshifting abilities. The dragons induced in their infant a change to human form and traded him for a newborn who had died shortly after birth. Rob's adoptive parents knew nothing of his true nature. In adulthood, he manifested some of his powers bit by bit, and occasional fits of temper triggered blasts of flame breath. His desire to do good led him to don the guise of The Scarlet Rob and use his abilities as a superhero; however, he had no real notion of how to pursue that goal until he linked up with the Pantheon and began to learn by example.

Straight from the exciting adventures of The Pantheon comes the Scarlet Dragon. Sure, he's in his human form here, but when the danger really gets tough, a burst of flame will signal his transformation to his larger, more powerful form.

TSR's costume was basically a modified version of Red Robin's, so it made sense that his figure should be the same. He's got some wrestler's head and a new, Das Pronto haircut. Rob was an action figure fan and an early supporter of OAFEnet, so it was an honor to be able to make this figure for him.


Across the known universe and through strange extra-dimensional space, a quiet celebration occurs on this day, the 26th of February, among the greatest of heroes!

It is a day devoted to the celebration of kinship, of the special quiet heroism of the steadfast, the loyal, the kind, the gentle, the generous, the humorous, dedicated to our best of friends when they are far away, in honor of good times past, in appreciation of the people who touch our lives, and to thoughts of even brighter days yet to come!

On this day, February 26th, we let ourselves dream of a better world, and perform quiet acts that make this dream come true.

This is Pantheon Day!

And on Pantheon Day, we must all follow ...

The Eight Paths of The Scarlet Dragon!

1. Tell a joke. 2. Relate a funny (or corny) anecdote. 3. Do something silly. 4. Show someone kindness in some way. 5. Remember to appreciate your friends, wherever they are. 6. Show this appreciation to your friends in some way. 7. "Insist on your cup of stars! Once they have trapped you into being like everyone else you will never see your cup of stars again...." 8. At the end of the day, look each of your loved ones in the eye and raise a toast to absent friends.

And know that on this day, on worlds you have never seen, in places you have never been, friends you may have never met think of you kindly, and you are loved and beloved. May Pantheon Day find you with friends, family and in happiness!

--excerpt from "Superhero Traditions of J Street" (Encyclopedia Omnipita, 88th Transdimensional Edition, p1909)

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