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Mirror Scotty

Star Trek
by Rustin Parr

This is a near-perfect Trek exclusive. It's essentially just a re-release, which makes production costs low. It's a figure that goes into a pre-established set and is something never before produced as an action figure. Mirror Scotty turned out so good(-ish) I can't even dish out my usual complaints about Art Asylum!

Mirror Scotty loves Trek and everyone associated with it. First and foremost, yes, this is the exact same body/figure as the regular Series 2 Scotty. The change is in the torso shirt; since the trek figure are made with articulated torsos under a soft PVC shirt, all the "inmates" (oh gawd, now I feel dirty [having lowered to their level]) had to do was make a new piece to slip on over the torso.

the man's got the weirdest nipples in all of Starfleet The new shirt has the Mirror Universe Starfleet insignia, though mine is missing the Earth paint details, three gold medals, and a gold sash, all trademarks of the Bizarro crewmembers. The gold paint is a little sloppy, and again, I'm missing the Earth detail on the insignia, but none of it is too horrible.

GIANT HANDS! Articulation is included at the ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, waist, torso, wrists, elbows, biceps, balljointed shoulders and balljointed neck 20 points. As always, the torso does nothing, and thigh articulation is pointless on figures with T-crotches, unless you want them to do the Charleston...

ugly box Scotty comes with accessories aplenty: a tricorder, phaser, communicator, dagger w/ sheath, alternate right hand with trademark ever-so-slightly-different hand sculpt. I will never understand what the motivation is to include these slightly different hands; why not make one hand able to hold all accessories and then include an alternate fist or something different? Oh well, it's Art Asylum, logic isn't really their strong suit (thigh articulation with a T-crotch!?). Oh, and yes, the dagger does fit into the sheath and the sheath does have a peg that can be plugged into a hole on the sash.

So, again, all the articulation and accessories expected from Art Asylum plus all the previously mentioned smart choices about this figure as an exclusive (again, a niche character for a niche market, as opposed to the "signature" version available only to a niche market, as seen in last year's Yellow Shirt Kirk) makes this a very cool thing for us Trek fans.

okay, they do look pretty cool

A nice little touch is that the box is in full color and matches the packaging of the regular series figures. What's really nice is the balance this brings to the "Mirror, Mirror" display, not only in that there are now (the naturally appealing number of) three Mirror figure, but there is one in each shirt color. In fact, I liked this figure so much I rushed out and finally bought the other two on markdown (thanks to Game Stop, $4.99 + 50% off) to complete the display!

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