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Mega Man

Mega Man
by Shocka

Get equipped with....perfect review!

Recently I was discussing with fellow OAFEer Rustin about Funko's terrific action figure output in the 5"-ish scale. Essentially, Funko have been snagging notable brands, like Five Nights at Freddy's and the classic Disney Afternoon cartoons, and making good action figures out of them for a fair price. Good, mind you, not great, but solid, decent.

While they're not up to the high standards set by NECA's Ultimates or, say, the recent McFarlane Toys Fortnite figures, they're about half the price of those figures or cheaper. Essentially you can have a full army of killer animatronics, or a bunch of your fav Disney cartoon characters, without breaking the bank, and that's something both Rustin and I think is stellar. Following on from the Five Nights at Freddy's line Funko have gone even deeper into videogames, with the neat Cuphead set, and now with a line based on Mega Man.

As someone rocking a Smash Bros display on their study desk, I jumped at the chance to snag a Mega Man action figure that'd fit right in with my various Marios, and Funko have provided just the ticket. Despite being advertised as 5", Mega Man stands a little under, putting him at the right height next to either the S.H. Figuarts or World of Nintendo Mario figures, alongside which he should be slightly taller. Funko have done a great job capturing the child-like look of Mega, as he appears in early titles and as his 3D incarnation in the later Smash Bros titles.

The paint is what you need to look out for; I managed to get a very clean figure, with nice simple details and touches, but there's risk of smudges and overspray across the set. Especially check the face and eyes before you buy. The 3D-isation of the simple character to bring him into Smash Bros was very nicely done, and that is captured here perfectly; I really like the look of the blaster as well as the simple touches around the helmet. I doubt a more expensive toy could have been any better, which makes this guy an incredible pick up for the price.

Articulation is similarly nice, with swivel/hinges at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs and knees, with additional movement at the neck, feet and wrists. Wrists, you say? Yes indeed! Mega Man here has interchangeable parts, so you can snap on a regular wrist instead of his blaster, and an open hand to give him a bit more play and display value. These fit on and off without too much effort, and all of the articulation feels solid. Funko have done a great job here!

There's not much more to say; this is an excellent toy, well worth the cost and possible the best of Funko's offerings so far. It's funny to look back at their first venture into articulated action figures, their early Game of Thrones toys, and see how far they've come. Highly recommended!

-- 02/24/19

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