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Body Bag

McFarlane Toys Collectors Club
by Shocka

Mwahahaha! The perfect grisley action figure treat for Horror Month arrived on my doorstep just days ago, courtesy of long-time OAFE fan The BoB-Fish: the disgustingly fun Body Bag, a McFarlane Toys Collectors Club exclusive available direct from their website.

Although we consistently complain about them, McToys has, at the very least, been able to listen to what the fans want, primarily through their once-great Message Board. In the Collector's Club section of the board, fans have been able to suggest future exclusives and discuss other collectibles, to which we've seen the birth of several CC toys. Following the success of the (now almost impossible to find) Bag O' Demons and the even rarer Bag O' Izs, doubled with the popularity of Leatherface's body parts, fans wanted to see a Bag O' Body parts, full of limbs and heads and other pieces. Although this has yet to be seen, McToys has provided a nifty alternative in the sick Body Bag.

Got Bodies?

Polybagged on a header card, the Body Bag includes two rotting, mutilated bodies, made out of warm plastic-rubber complete with torn limbs and ripped-open chests. Both feature the same colors; the pain(t) application is p(l)ain but effective, with a grey skin tone over the bloody features, where limbs are missing and insides are exposed.

A bad day for this guy... ... and this guy's day sucks too. Body #1 is 6" tall, much more mutilated than the second; he features an open chest cavity with his rib cage removed, revealing his messy insides. His cavity is painted nicely with what seems to be bloody dry-brushing, also featuring a nasty part of bloody skin hanging off on his side, which features red jelly-like blood caked into the cavity. Wonderful! Whilst looking gorily effective, this jelly stuff seems to rot and come out of the body easily, which lessens the effect, but it's cool none the less. Body #1 is also missing his right forearm and hand, and his left foot has been torn off.

Body #2 is 6 1/2" tall, slightly bigger than #1, complete with a ripped-open chest revealing his vertebrae. Although totally unrealistic, the ripped-open chest looks very nice, somewhere inbetween the chest-burster effect from Alien and the rib-cage removal from Dead Alive. His feet both have holes so they can stand with the use of a stand, and like his brother, he has a nasty dead look on his face.

Both bodies are very flexible and durable thanks to the rubber, very similar to the bodies from the earlier X-Files toys. Ok, here's a quick note from The BoB-Fish:

BTW, you mention that the bodies LOOK like X-Files ones? Guess what?
They ARE X-Files bodies.
The one w/ intact extremities is a repaint from one of the X-Files cryo (or alien) pods. The other is the never-released "Ashtray Man". Unreleased because Fox thought it was too graphic.

So there you go! For only $6, these are sure to quench the sick thirst of any gorehound, although they're not as cool as a Bag 'O' Body Parts would be. I like them a lot, though - they spice up any display, be it Movie Maniacs, Tortured Souls or any other gory display that deserves a couple of descecrated corpses.

Sick, man, sick!

Why does Shocka persist in buying such terrible, terrible stuff? Yell at him on our message board, the Loafing Lounge.


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