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Teen Titans
by yo go re

It's said that no one who dies in comics ever stays dead. That may often be the case, but there are just as many times that the person stays dead while the name lives on - particularly at DC. Flash, Robin, Green Lantern, Wonder Girl, Superboy... all of them have taken the place of a fallen hero. This recycling even applies to the villains, as evidenced by this, the fourth version of the villainous Ravager.

Ravager Rose Wilson is the mysterious daughter of the Teen Titans' greatest foe - Deathstroke the Terminator. After discovering her lineage, Rose adopted the code name Ravager and molded herself in her father's brutal image.

The first ravager was Deathstroke's son, Grant, so it's only fair that his daughter should eventually inherit the name. Of course, he died on his first mission, while she's managed to last a bit longer, so let's have a big round of applause for girl power.

Best 'Take Your Daughter to Work' Day ever! Ravager's costume is linked stylistically to Deathstroke's without being a direct copy. Stand the two of them next to each other and you can tell they're working together - Rose has big orange boots, dark blue pants and an orange belt. The design of her two-tone shirt is the opposite of her father's, with dark blue on her stomach and lighter blue chain mail on her shoulders. Her mask, which only covers the top half of her face, leaving her mouth exposed, is also the opposite of daddy dearest's, with orange on the right.

If thine eye offends thee... This is actually Rose-Ravager's second costume. Her first had a strange triangle cut out the front to show some cleavage, and her mask was all blue. After their first encounter with the Teen Titans, Deathstroke accused Rose of not being prepared for her role as Ravager; to prove she was just like her father, she took up a knife and gouged out her left eye. That's when she went to the half-orange mask.

Ravager is 5 3/4" tall and moves at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees. The sculpt is excellent, with all the details of her armor re-created nicely and no sloppy paint apps anywhere. With blue running into orange, things could have gotten ugly, but DCD kept it clean. The small details of her costume - wrist bands, belt loops and buckle, choker and boot tops - are all painted gold. Even the knot at the back of her mask is great.

killer! Though Deathstroke was a walking arsenal, Ravager's only got one accessory, a 2" sword that can be hung in a loop on the right side of her belt. The blade is silver, while the hilt is the same gold seen on her costume. Rose can hold the weapon in her right hand.

Rose Wilson had long been a trusted ally of the Titans when Deathstroke began his campaign to twist her mind against them. At the moment, she's firmly in the "enemies" column, though glimpses of the future have hinted that she'll some day be a hero again. If that's the case, then at least we'll have a nice action figure of her ready and waiting.

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