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Valor Omega

Pacific Rim: Uprising
by yo go re

Here's to something new!

Valor Omega proudly wears the distinction of courage and bravery in her name like a badge of honor. She's equipped with dual-wielding cannons that erupt a mammoth barrage of shells, the equivalent of a 21-cannon firing line. As the guns are attached to her forearms, her dual salvos are lovingly referred to as "a 21-gun salute."

When disaster strikes, Valor Omega strikes back as a mobile emergency evacuation response unit. Capable of entering dangerous or uninhabitable environments, she can hold a capacity of up to 150 people in her torso, and is fully-equipped with basic emergency medical and food supplies. She also has an advanced water desalination and filtration system in her legs to channel high volumes of sea water into safe drinking water for entire communities in need.

Hey, that's pretty neat! We do see Gipsy Danger rescuing a fishing boat in the first movie, but for the most part, the Jaegers' directive is to punch giant monsters, not to actually care for squishy little humans. So specifically calling out that feature here makes Valor Omega more interesting, even if we never saw any such thing in action in the film.

V-Diddy has a nicely distinct silhouette. Pacific Rim Uprising's design aesthetic really favored wide, flat shoulders. It loves shoulders the way Derrick J. Wyatt loves chins. This one fits that theme, but her large shoulders are out on the sides, not on the tops. The arms are slightly longer than normal, too, concentrating a lot of the focus there. You'd think she was a puncher, not a shooter, if not for the cannons mounted on the forearms - they're longer than the anatomy (well, "robo-anatomy") they attach to!

Her colors are very mocha inspired - two tones of a very warm brown, the darker of them nearly into magentas - with gun metal grey for the interior parts and a single spot of blue for the Y-shaped eye visor in the center of the face. As far as small details go, there's a tampgraphed "GN006" on the right bicep, thin W-shaped stripes on the shoulders, and "PPDC" logos on top of the feet. This may not be as eye-catchingly different as Saber Athena and her bright orange bod, but it's still a really good look for a Jaeger.

The articulation is average for the line: Valor Omega moves at the head, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, chest, hips, knees, and ankles. The feet are so close to the rest of the legs that the ankles can barely do anything, but the rest is fine. The big pads on the shoulders have their own hinges, allowing them to tilt separately from the rest of the arm and making it easier to rotate the arm and get into a fun "gun aiming" pose. The only extra pieces included are a pair of fists to replace the open hands.

Given Valor's unique design and backstory, it's unfortunate she didn't have a more prominent role in the movie. But hey, buy the toy, and you can make her as important as you want!

-- 05/07/19

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