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Liv Moore

by yo go re

iZombie airs on the CW and is based on a DC comic - so shouldn't this figure be involved in the crossovers between Green Arrow and all his buddies?

While attending a boat party, successful doctor Liv Moore was scratched by a zombie, causing her to wake up in a body bag with a craving for brains. Worried for the safety of her friends and patients, the doctor canceled her wedding engagement and changed careers, taking a position in the city morgue. With steady access to brains, Dr. Moore made a discovery - eating a brain gave her access to the former owner's personality and memories. She now assists the local police in their murder investigations, while pursuing her own crusade against Max Rager, the energy drink that triggered the zombie outbreak.

The fact that the star of the zombie television show is named "Liv Moore" should tell you everything you need to know about how silly the show is willing to get. For instance, the star of the original comic (which is from Vertigo, not technically DC) was gravedigger Gwen Dylan - nary a pun in sight!

Liv is played by Rose McIver, a Kiwi actress who, it must be said, is not nearly an albino in real life, only on television. This figure really shows how much of a difference paint makes to a likeness, too, because while the image on the back of the card looks dead-on to the real woman, while the toy... does not. It looks Liv-ish, thanks to the pale skin and hair, but you could show this to someone and not have them immediately guess who it's meant to be.

The figure is wearing an outfit from Season 2 Episode 10, "Method Head," where Liv eats the brain of an actor from her favorite TV show: Zombie High. It's a red leather jacket over a green-grey button-up shirt and a pair of bluejeans. The sculpt (by Gentle Giant) is perfectly detailed, having just enough wrinkles to look realistic without going overboard. Her jeans have zippers on the pockets, which seems like it would be super inconvenient - the number one thing women want from their fashion is pockets, and when a piece of clothing finally gets them, they're neutered by putting sharp bits of metal around the openings. Boo! She completes the ensemble with a small silver necklace and high-heeled black boots.

Her articulation is the same sort Diamond Select typically gives its human figures: a balljointed head and torso; swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, and ankles; H-hips and double-hinged knees. While the rest of the joints move okay, the hands and wrists are made of such flexible plastic that they tend to just bend rather than actually moving. While the figure can stand fine on her own, there is a black disc stand included if you want it.

Liv comes with a surprising number of accessories, too. There's a black mug, a can of Max Rager's new product, Super Max, a cup of coffee, a drink carrier to tote all those around, a Tupperware container with no lid (is there any other kind?), a cellphone, a knife, half a brain, and New Hope, the rat they infected with zombism in order to try to find a cure. Oh, plus a big purse that isn't exactly like the one she carried in the episode, probably because that would be a trademarked design. So while everything is very cool - especially the coffee cup, which is even sculpted with a paper sleeve around it, and the drink carrier, which is functional - but both her hands hang slack, so she can't actually hold any of it. Well that sucks! She really needs some alternate hands to spice things up.

I'd seen the Liv Moore figure at a few comicshops, but kept passing on her. I finally decided to bite when she showed up at a Toys Я Us, because what is the closing of a store if not the opportunity to get something you otherwise wouldn't?

-- 06/21/18

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