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Justice League
by yo go re

The Justice League Unlimited toyline was an unprecedented success. Granted, it probably only cost Mattel a nickel to make each figure, and they sold them to us for about 10 bucks, so the profit margins had to be nice, but the line still outlived the TV show supporting it by seven YEARS, which is unheard of. And they not only made toys of nearly every character who was ever on the show, they even made ones who weren't!

On the parallel world called Earth 3, Wonder Woman is known as Superwoman, and helps lead a team of villains called the Crime Syndicate. They frequently battle their arch enemy, Alexander Luthor, and all other forces of law and order!

Now, there was an evil Wonder Woman on Justice League, but this isn't her. That was just a version of Diana who got morally gray when things on her world got grim. This is Superwoman, the full-on evil character we've reviewed a couple times already. Superwoman never appeared on either Justice League or Unlimited, which you can tell, because there was no character art of her to fill up space on the back of the card - so instead, they just used pictures of Justice Lords WW, apparently assuming that no one would notice the difference. You have to wonder if the designer was supposed to retouch the art, to turn it into Superwoman. Not a lot of her costume is showing.

Not a lot of her costume would be showing, either. She's wearing the bright yellow cape, the black swimsuit, the opera gloves, and the Beatle boots. This is sort of a mix of different costumes, because the cape is yellow both inside and out, like the Silver Age version, but there's no S in a circle on her chest. She's also in the gloves that all the modern versions wear, and the boots that only the Anti-Matter Universe version wore. Naturally, everything except the cape is painted on - even the silver chain clasp that's supposedly holding the cape on. That's amazingly lazy.

The head is unique. I mean, it's unique among Superwomen, not among toys. Every version of Superwoman has had long black hair, but while this one keeps the color, it's got a much shorter 'do. This is the same head Justice Lords Wonder Woman used - like we said, not unique among toys. The lipstick paint is weirdly small, though.

The body is the same mold we always see, and thus has the same articulation: V-crotch, swivel shoulders, and a swivel neck. The short hair means she can actually turn her head, a rarity for Wonder Women. Also a rarity, she comes with an accessory! A bundle of rope. It's probably supposed to be her lasso, but it's a rope. Still, that's more than most JLU figures ever got.

Superwoman isn't the only member of the Crime Syndicate to get the animated treatment - there was also an Ultraman and a Power Ring, all packaged separately. You'd think, with three of them, they ould have been a three-pack. Of course, you'd also think they would have released Owlman and Johnny Quick, and that never happened either.

-- 07/23/15

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