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by yo go re

Can't stop won't stop.

Cain Marko is the human Juggernaut! Once he begins moving in a certain direction, no power on Earth can stand in his way. His only weakness, Juggernaut is vulnerable to magical forces of sufficient strength, and without his helmet he is susceptible to mind control and other forms of psychic attacks.

Because of how fast X-Men 3 went into production, ToyBiz didn't have time to make toys to go along with it. Instead, they opted to make a line that featured all the familiar characters, but put them in crazy new costues - hey, if it was good enough for the '90s, it was good enough for 2006! Most of the characters they chose at least had counterparts in the movie, however, which is why we've got a Juggernaut here!

This is a far cry from Juggernaut's usual design - he usually wears some kind of mystic metal, but it's smooth and thin enough to look like any other cloth superhero cotume. This version, designed by Dave Cortes, is decidedly more technological. The narrow strips of armor on his chest are shaped to follow the anatomy of the muscles beneath, so it looks like he has pecs and abs made of metal (complete with rivets holding them on). Instead of being bolted around the neck, his helmet is held on by a three-pronged clamp: two arms come around the sides, while a third runs over the top. There are mechanical shoulder- and kneepads, and the limbs have thin piping and sections that look like flexible rubber, to allow the wearer to move. He's got layered, overlapping pates forming his boots and gloves, and his feet appear to have some sort of devices strapped to them to give him better traction. Like the traditional Juggernaut, his hands are bare, and there's a metal band protecting his knuckles. Weirdly, the entire upper torso is a soft PVC shell over an ABS plastic body beneath.

The helmet is sculpted with a texture to make it look like hammered metal, rather than something smooth and perfect. The opening in the mask is X-shaped, rather than having separate eye and mouth holes. If you remove it, he's wearing a skullcap beneath, that leaves his entire angry face bare, but features three yellow stripes running over the top of his scalp. If you look closely, you'll even notice that he's missing a few teeth - unusual for someone who has a magical healing factor.

He does mostly keep Juggernaut's traditional colorscheme - his helmet, torso, gloves and boots are all red, while the red, black and yellow on the limbs would sort of average out to brown, right? Granted, the silver areas are new, but he passes the squint test. I mean, at one point they were consindering having his chest be silver and the armor on his neck and shoulders orange. If you look at Eddie Wires' paint master, the shadows were darker, but that can just be chalked up to the differences in production. No one could paint like Eddie could.

Juggernaut moves like a ToyBiz figure, with joints aplenty. We're talking toes, ankles, shins, knees, thighs, hips, torso, fingers, wrists, forearms, biceps, shoulders and neck. I'm not sure that Juggernaut is a character who really needs individual finger joints, since he's usually just bashing things; are we supposed to have him throwing gang signs? Most of these X-Men figures had an action feature of some sort, and since Juggy doesn't come with a big firing weapon, his is built-in. Called "Pound 'N Punch Action," his has two features: a large button on his back makes his arms swing, and if you twist his waist to the side, it springs back to the front. At least you can still click the arms into different positions.

If you're looking for an excuse why Juggernaut would look so different, the comics recently gave us an explanation: after forsaking Cttorak by becoming Kuurth, Breaker of Stone, Cain's Juggernaut powers were taken away and given to Colossus, leaving him completely human. But when the Thunderbolts needed some power, they opened a portal to a dimension where the local Cain Marko was dead - 616 Cain absorbed a quick hit of power and got an alternate version of his costume in the process, so just imagine that's what happened here. It's not the worst thing he's ever worn.

-- 02/29/16

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